Out of Chattanooga to the Lake

Chattanooga to Tracy City, TN – Let’s see Tennessee!

Chattanooga, TN is a lovely city located in southeastern Tennessee. The Tennessee River runs in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and this is where you will find the wonderful city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Let’s see Tennessee – The Dolly House on the Water’s Edge Retreat is the perfect distance from Chattanooga for a weekend getaway!

Chattanooga has been an up-and-coming area for many years now. It offers pristine views all over the city, downtown, and especially in the suburbs of Chattanooga. It is a place where you can look in any direction and see beauty all around you. Let’s see Tennessee!

There are plenty of places to hike and visit in Chattanooga such as Lookout Mountain, Ruby Falls Waterfall, Point park, and the well-known Rock City. 

Chattanooga’s suburbs are just as amazing as the city itself. Signal Mountain is a lovely town that has the outstanding Rainbow Falls Trail that is connected to the Cumberland Trail. North of Chattanooga there is a cute little community called Soddy-Daisy and a little further east you will find Ooltewah, TN. 

The area is amazing, to say the least, and there are times that you may want to see a different scene or just to get away for a few days. One of the best places to visit for a weekend getaway is just a short 45-minute drive west of Chattanooga to The Retreat at the Water’s Edge. There you will find a little place just like heaven called The Dolly House. 

The Dolly House in Tracy City, TN is the best place for your next getaway!
Lake Front Vacation Getaway celebrating Nashville’s greatest Dolly Parton, Family Vacation.

Let’s see Tennessee – The Dolly House on the Water’s Edge Retreat. The perfect weekend trip for the girls at the Dolly House has everything you could possibly want! The Dolly House is positioned right on the lake with access to canoes and kayaks. There is nothing more relaxing than floating across the lake and seeing nature at its best! The Dolly House sleeps 6, with an upstairs loft with two beds, bunk beds downstairs, and a master bedroom that has a side porch just perfect for breakfast! There is a full kitchen and a grill that overlooks the lake. If you are not feeling the cooking vibe, there are many restaurants in Tracy City that are amazing!  The Dutch Maid Bakery, Rosie’s Farmhouse Kitchen, and Tea on the Mountain just to name a few, are always happy to have guests stop in and visit! You will be extremely pleased with your visit to Tracy City, Tennessee. There is so much to see and do and even if you just want to sit around and visit with friends and family, why not do that at the Dolly House, where there is beauty that goes beyond skin deep. You will feel that stunning spirit of Dolly Parton in this house and who knows, you might leave with a little more pep in your step. All in all, The Dolly House is a perfect getaway for anyone who just wants to explore new places and relax for a few days. There are even some amazing Dolly Parton artifacts that you will be tickled pink to see.  Coming to Tracy City and staying at the Dolly House will be a trip to remember for a long time.